Political Science

By studying political science, you develop an understanding of the activities and ideas that shape the future. You learn how decisions are made and the effect they have on the well-being of people and societies. You explore the nature and uses of power and the breadth and outcomes of citizen and government actions.

We face new and old problems in society today. As political scientists, we consider the value of different ways of meeting these challenges. Political Science at Heidelberg is an interdisciplinary program where you are encouraged to use the knowledge and skills of history, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology and mathematics to explore public life in local communities, nation-states and world forums. We emphasize a “hands-on” approach to learning: internships, visits with public officials, simulated legislative sessions and guided research.

model un
Model UN

Travel with your friends to the Model UN Far West Conference. Every year, a delegation of Heidelberg students travel to San Francisco to participate in the annual conference, representing different countries, serving in leadership roles, and meeting students from across the country.

DC trip
Washington Semester

The Washington Semester, administered by The American University in Washington, enables you to obtain valuable work and study experiences within governmental or private agencies or institutions in the nation’s capital. You’ll enroll in special seminars and engage in research and career-oriented work experiences.

Danielle Pike '12

Danielle is a Personnel Security Specialist for the U.S. Dept. of Defense. After Heidelberg, Danielle went on to earn her Master’s of Professional Studies in Homeland Security from Penn State. Since then, she’s become an experienced security professional having worked for the US House of Representatives, TSA, and the Defense Logistics Committee in Washington DC.

Danielle Pike

Below is a sampling of courses offered in political science. 

  • Global Politics
  • Parties, Interest Groups, and Elections
  • Intelligence Operations
  • Human Rights and Social Justice
  • American Foreign Policy

For a more detailed academic schedule, or to ask questions about any of our majors, contact the Admission Office at admission [at] heidelberg.edu or 419-448-2330.

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