Daryl Close

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Computer Science
PhD, Temple University
MA, Temple University
AB, Lafayette College

Dr. Close chaired the Department of Philosophy and Religion. He served as the Director of the Division of Natural and Social Sciences and as Faculty Coordinator for the Honors Program. Additionally, he is a co-author with Nicholas Meier of Morality in Criminal Justice (Cengage/Wadsworth) and of various journal articles in ethics, the philosophy of perception, the philosophy of language, and the philosophy of mind. Awarded the 2010 Lenssen Prize for “Fair Grades.” He served as president of the American Association of Philosophy Teachers (2002-2004). At Heidelberg, he received the Distinguished Scholarship/Research Award (2011) and the Jane Frost Kalnow Professorship in the Humanities ( 2012-2014). The Board of Trustees elected him to the rank of Professor Emeritus in 2022.

Courses Taught

PHI 140: Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 202: Logic
PHI 216: Ethics
PHI 217: Bioethics
PHI 218: Ethics in Professional Life
PHI 309: History of Western Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval
PHI 310: History of Western Philosophy: Modern
PHI 317: Philosophy of Religion
PHI 380: Symbolic Logic
PHI 385: Scientific Revolutions
PHI 490: Philosophy Colloquium: Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
POL 200: Introduction to Political Philosophy
HNR 203-7: Minds, Brains, and Machines
CPS 100: Introduction to Computers
CPS 201: Computer Programming I
CPS 202: Computer Programming II
CPS 311: Data Structures
CPS 314: Database Management
CPS 316: Spreadsheet Modeling
CPS 342: Systems Development
CPS 490: Capstone Topics in Computing:  Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing


Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Perception, Philosophy of Lanuage, Applied Ethics, Logic, Teaching of Philosophy

Research Interests

Ethical issues in student ratings of faculty, free speech in the academy, contemporary political philosophy, teaching symbolic logic and critical thinking

Daryl Close
Daryl Close
Heidelberg University
dclose [at] heidelberg.edu