Nancy Miller

Contact Nancy Miller:

Gillmor Science Hall


Business Manager

Coordinator of the Private Well Testing Program

National Center for Water Quality Research


BS, Urbana College


Nancy has been with the National Center for Water Quality Research since 1986. She is currently the coordinator of the nationwide Cooperative Private Well Testing Program. Through this program, the NCWQR has tested almost 60,000 private wells from Ohio and 24 other states. Individuals can have their water sample analyzed for a wide variety of contaminants, including nitrate, pesticides, metals, and volatile organic compounds.

In addition to running the nationwide well testing program, Nancy serves as the NCWQR business officer, and the administrative assistant to the Director.  Her duties include purchasing, accounts payable, and accounts receivable, budget management, coordination of “satellite” sampler collection shipments, field sampling, weather and river gage height readings and “other duties as assigned”. Contact her if you have questions regarding well testing or any of the operations of the NCWQR.


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Baker, David B., Laura K. Wallrabenstein, R. Peter Richards, and Nancy L. Creamer. 1989. Nitrate and pesticides in private wells of Ohio: a state atlas. Published by the WQL (This publication can be purchased for $15.00).

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