Robin Heaton

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Founders Hall


Assistant Professor of Communication, Chair

Communication & Media Department


PhD, University of Utah

MA, California State University

BA, Loyola Marymount University


General research interests focus on communication issues within a variety of relationships (family, romantic, friendship, etc.). Dr. Heaton is currently researching how self-disclosure concerns impact whether or not an individual chooses to report being sexually assaulted.

Courses Taught

COM 100: Public Speaking
COM 245: Interpersonal Communication
COM 313: Advanced Interpersonal Communication - Gender
COM 314: Advanced Interpersonal Communication - Intercultural
COM 315: Advanced Interpersonal Communication - Online
COM 345: Health Communication
COM 350: Persuasion
COM 408: Rhetoric and Public Discourse
COM 452: Independent Study
GSB 513: Managerial Communication

Relationship Communication, Conflict Management, Reproductive Health Communication

Self-Disclosure and Taboo Topics, Cross-Sex Friendships

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