Sieglinde Poelzler-Kamatali

Assistant Professor of German and Spanish
MA, Karl-Franzens-University
BA, Karl-Franzens-University

A native of Austria, Sieglinde received her Bachelor of Arts and her Master of Arts in Translation Studies (English, German, Spanish) from Karl-Franzens-University, Graz. In addition to teaching all levels of the German curriculum at Heidelberg University, she also teaches Spanish and 100 Level French.

After working as a translator, interpreter, and ESL teacher in Austria and teaching translation and ESL courses at the University of Rwanda, Sieglinde began teaching German and Spanish at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, before moving to Ohio Northern University, where she taught a variety of language courses of all levels in Spanish and French as well as modern language teaching methods. Sieglinde brings her passion for languages and culture to her Heidelberg students, guiding them towards proficiency and the appreciation of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures as well as the German language and cultures of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

In addition to her activities on the Heidelberg campus, Sieglinde also works as an English <> Spanish interpreter for the Allen County and Hardin County programs for early childhood intervention and developmental disabilities.

Courses Taught

GER 101: Intro to German I
GER 102: Intro to German II
GER 201: Intermediate German I
GER 202: Intermediate German II
GER 301: Advanced German I
GER 302: Advanced German II
GER 415: German Conversation
GER 489: German Portfolio
GER 490: German Capstone
SPA 101: Elementary Spanish I
SPA 102: Elementary Spanish II
SPA 202: Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 305: Spanish Conversation
FRN 101: Elementary French I
FRN 102: Elementary French II


Translation studies, language pedagogies

Sieglinde Poelzler-Kamatali
Sieglinde Poelzler-Kamatali
Founders Hall 210
(419) 448-2071
spoelzle [at]