HYPE Career Ready®

What's all the HYPE about?

Life is complex. It can take unexpected turns and monumental leaps forward. Our HYPE Career Ready® Program will prepare you to bridge the gap between academics and life skills so you can stand out in an increasingly unpredictable and competitive world.

With HYPE, you’ll graduate with skills and confidence that will enable you to work efficiently and productively in any career by increasing your exposure to ideas, perspectives, and experiences.


HYPE Speakers will expose students to inspiring stories of leadership, dedication, and success. Each HYPE Day will feature one keynote speaker to kick-off the day. 

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Common Experiences

Every year at Heidelberg starts with a HYPE Common Experience. Students will engage with their peers, career, community, and friends as they bond with their classmates. Each class will have a different experience.

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After the keynote in the morning, students attend different sessions that focus on one of the HYPE Skills. Mastering the six HYPE skills will increase your professional confidence and help you impress future employers. The program is self-designed, meaning you have the control over your experiences and can choose from sessions like Networking 101, Evolution of Values, Personal Website Design, Poverty Simulator, Introverts vs Extroverts, and Using Credit Wisely. Some sessions will include trips off campus. 

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