This art minor offers you the chance to explore different mediums from photography and graphic design to painting and 3D art. The courses are designed for beginners with an interest in art and combines hands-on projects and art history. The program is flexible to meet the interests of students and offers an independent study option for studio work. 

Make yourself marketable

Combine this minor with communication or theatre.

I chose my art minor because I have a passion for art and wanted to continue to learn more about art while pursuing my intended career. I am hoping to gain skills through my minor that I would not have had before, while still focusing on my major.

— Emily Fox
Minor in Art


•  ART 102: Introduction to Two-Dimensional Art OR ART 103: Introduction to Three-Dimensional Art

Select 2-3 courses from:

•  ART 312: Studio Art
•  ART 131: Graphic Design or COM 209: Visual Communication
•  MED 171: Digital Storytelling or MED 307: Sight, Sound, and Motion
•  PHY 104: Introduction to Photography

Select 3-4 courses from:

•  ART 112: Women in Art
•  ART 118: Art and the Visual Experience
•  LIT 152: Literary Theme: Literature into Film
•  MED 322: Media Criticism: Film
•  NDI 301: Literature and Fine Arts
•  PHI 200: Aesthetics

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