Criminology focuses on the study of crimes and their causes, effects, and social impact. You’ll learn how to analyze data to determine why crimes are committed and to find ways to predict, deter, and prevent further criminal behavior. You'll study the nature and organization of power and authority as expressed in the policies, agencies and practices of government. Our program examines all levels of security arrangements, from local to international, and emphasizes the theoretical basis for actions designed to protect persons and property as well as ensure justice and liberty.

Alpha Phi Sigma

Heidelberg's chapter of this national criminology honors society provides its members with additional opportunities to experience, network, and explore the field of criminology through on and off campus events. 

Pi Delta Pi
Junior Year Experience

The cornerstone of Heidelberg's criminology major is an in-depth, hands-on experience tailored to your interests and career goals. With the guidance of a faculty mentor, you’ll choose between an internship, research project, or study abroad experience. 

Past Student Internships

•  Seneca County Drug Task Force
•  Tiffin Police Department
•  Seneca County Probation
•  Project HOPE (equine therapy) with juveniles in probation
•  Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs
•  Oriana House: Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Past Student Research Projects

•  Challenging whether social disorganization theory is still able to predict juvenile delinquency.
•  Exploring societal perceptions of police.
•  Examining how COVID-19 impacts levels of loneliness for people who have and haven't experienced incarceration. 
•  A review of the risk factors of child abuse.
•  Implicit rules of combat: What makes a fair fight? 

criminology class
Tony Travagliante ’09

During an internship during college, Tony worked with a drug task force, a detective bureau and a K-9 unit, which allowed him to hone in on the career he wanted. He's been working with his new partner Chase, a 2-1/2 year old Belgian Malinois, since 2018 on drug sweeps and other searches as well as appearing at community outreach activities.

Tony T
Careers in Criminology

Heidelberg graduates have gone on to pursue a variety of careers in the fields of criminology and criminal justice from the local up the federal level. Our students are working as US Marshals, FBI Agents, Corrections Officers, Police Officers, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialists, and Criminologists.


Below is a sampling of courses offered in criminology.

  • Criminal Procedure and Individual Rights
  • Victimology
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Sociology of Deviance
  • Ethical Leadership in criminal justice

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