Video Game Production

Computer lab
Type of Degree: Minor

Video games are more than a 25-billion-dollar industry and one of the fastest growing areas of media.  Knowing how to design, analyze and understand video games is important for anyone interested in a career in the video game industry or any industry using interactive media.  You'll be introduced to computer programing, video game history, graphic design, and gender and violence studies of video games. You'll also complete your own 2D and 3D video games.  

Minor in Video Game Production


•  CPS 150: Fundamentals of Computer Science                                
•  CPS 201: Computer Programming                                                
•  COM 209: Visual Communication                                               
•  MED 126: Video Game Production 1                                              
•  MED 336: Video Game Production 2
•  MED 335:  Video Games, Representation, and Identity        

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