Watershed Science Specialization

Protect our water

This specialization provides students who have a strong interest in water issues additional preparation for employment in field-related activities or graduate studies. Skills in watershed science are valuable to common first-destination employers such as the Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Conservancy Districts, Army Corps of Engineers, and many environmental consulting firms. This specialization is not a stand alone major, but is completed in addition to a student's Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

ncwqr lab
Work with Professionals

The specialization integrates with long-term research performed by the National Center for Water Quality Research, and students have the advantage of working with laboratory staff. The NCWQR is located on Heidelberg's campus, which provides you with unique research opportunities. 



•  BIO 124: Biology II
•  BIO 205: Biostatistics
•  CHM 111: General Chemistry I
•  CHM 112: General Chemistry II
•  ENS 101: Introduction to Environmental Science
•  ENS 101L: Environmental Science Laboratory
•  GEO 101: Physical Geology
•  GEO 101L: Laboratory Studies in Physical Geology
•  WSS 210: Field Methods in Watershed Science
•  WSS 235: Freshwater Ecology
•  WSS 305: Wetlands
•  WSS 352: Watershed Hydrology
•  WSS 405: Watershed Management

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