Watershed Science Specialization

Type of Degree: Concentration

This specialization provides students who have a strong interest in water issues additional preparation for employment in field-related activities or graduate studies. Skills in watershed science are valuable to common first-destination employers such as the Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, BLM, Conservancy Districts, Army Corps of Engineers, and many environmental consulting firms. The specialization integrates with long-term research performed by the National Center for Water Quality Research, and students have the advantage of working with laboratory staff. This specialization is not a stand alone major, but is completed in addition to a student's Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.


•  BIO 124: Biology II
•  BIO 205: Biostatistics
•  CHM 111: General Chemistry I
•  CHM 112: General Chemistry II
•  ENS 101: Introduction to Environmental Science
•  ENS 101L: Environmental Science Laboratory
•  GEO 101: Physical Geology
•  GEO 101L: Laboratory Studies in Physical Geology
•  WSS 210: Field Methods in Watershed Science
•  WSS 235: Freshwater Ecology
•  WSS 305: Wetlands
•  WSS 352: Watershed Hydrology
•  WSS 405: Watershed Management

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