Yes, you can afford a Heidelberg education.

Your education is one of the most important investments you will make, and we know that cost is an important part of your decision in choosing a college. That’s why we've taken steps toward minimizing that cost to make Heidelberg affordable for every student.

Because if you want to come to Heidelberg, we want you to come with peace of mind. 

But I can’t afford a private school. 

Yes you can. Heidelberg students come from all socioeconomic backgrounds. 

*All numbers come from the 2018-19 school year. 


So, how much does Heidelberg cost?

We are focused on keeping affordability a top priority. As such, we remain one of the most affordable private institutions in Ohio. 

2021-2022 Direct Charges
Tuition | $32,900
Room & Board | $11,070
Technology Fee | $700
Total Direct Charges = $44,670


That’s a lot of money.

That’s our sticker price. It looks scary, but for most families at Heidelberg, it’s not the number they actually pay. 

Net Price
Miami University - $22,989
Ohio University - $22,521
Heidelberg University - $21,192
Ohio State University - $18,706
Kent State University - $18,643

(Data from IPEDs)


But I won’t receive any scholarships/financial help.

Yes you will.  Heidelberg offers a wide variety of ways to defray the cost of attendance including academic scholarships, talent awards, and a competition for top scholars to receive additional awards. Last year 100% of our incoming students received scholarships and/or grants.


I still don’t think I can afford this. 

We get it. This can look daunting, but think again. The actual cost is different for each family based on need, merit, and other criteria. But to give you an idea, last year's average financial aid package for incoming students was $29,323 a year.


Won’t I end up with student debt?

You may, but you’ll also receive a valuable education that allows you to pursue your chosen career with the skills, experience, and confidence to be successful. Our students:

  • Graduate in four years - We believe so strongly that our students will graduate on time that we have a Four-Year Graduation Guarantee. If you follow the steps and still don't graduate on time, we'll pay for you to finish.
  • Land a job quickly - In the past two years, 12 majors had a 100% placement rate within six months of graduation. (Accounting - Biochemistry - Chemistry - Communication - Computer Science - Criminology - Environmental Science - Integrated Media - International Studies - Mathematics - Music Education - Theatre)
  • Are prepared to be successful - Our HYPE Career Ready® Program helps you stand out in an increasingly competitive workforce.


What does all this mean?

You can afford an education that will challenge you academically, support your personal and professional development, and prepare you for a purposeful career. 

A Heidelberg education.

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