Meagan McBride

Assistant Professor of Graduate Counseling

Dr. Meagan is a mental health counselor with supervisory status, a certified trauma practitioner, trained in EMDR, and a sex educator. Through her work as Public Policy Chair for Society for Sexual, Affectional, Intersex, and Gender Expansive Identities, she works to combat non-inclusive or damaging bills introduced, and, on local and regional levels, she provides trainings and seminars on creating inclusive and liberating spaces for the LGBTQ+ population.

Teaching and counseling are her passions, and she gets to help lead the MAC family here on campus. She also runs a small private practice in town and works on a regional CISM team responding to community crisis events. She love getting to bring a wide variety of experiences and community involvements into the classroom. Another part of she loves to bring into the classroom is her therapy dog - Seamus. Seamus loves joining classes, getting all the pets, going on crisis responses - and when he isn’t working playing with the 2 other dogs and 3 cats he lives with.

While she am the quintessential counselor and professor who loves what she does and what she teaches, and loves sharing it with students - there are some things outside of this realm she loves too! She can usually be found with headphones in, listening to a true crime podcast. While not a gamer, she does love Zelda, board games, and card games. She also loves to travel and can always be counted on to bring trivia cards, a list of getting to know you questions, and blasting musicals for the entire drive.

For questions about the program, to do research together, or to share a great podcast she needs to listen to, email her at mmcbride [at]

Courses Taught

Clinical Field Experience
Trauma Intensive
Multicultural Counseling
Counseling Theories


Trauma Specialist, Human Sexuality Educator, LGBTQ+ population, counseling in rural areas

Research Interests

Sex Education, Trauma, advocacy regarding the LGBTQ+ population


McBride CV

Megan McBride
Meagan McBride
Bareis Hall 217
(419) 448-2889
mmcbride [at]