Sarah Lazzari

Assistant Professor of Criminology and Sociology
PhD, Portland State University
MS, Portland State University
BA, University of Washington, Tacoma

Dr. Sarah Lazzari started at Heidelberg during the 2019 summer sessions. Sarah teaches courses in Criminology and Sociology. Her research interests are related to how families are impacted during periods of incarceration, prison volunteers, and how COVID-19 has impacted prison visitations. She completed her graduate studies in Portland, Oregon, where she worked with the Department of Corrections in various capacities. She facilitated cognitive behavioral classes and parenting classes in male prisons, and was also the head of the Research Committee for Oregon Department of Corrections. Sarah advises all Criminology internships, Writers in Residence (a writing workshop for incarcerated youth), Alpha Phi Sigma (the Criminal Justice Honors Society), and a variety of independent research studies. Dr. Lazzari recently published a paper with Heidelberg students and a returning citizen, and is also working on a program evaluation of an Ohio Prison Reentry program. She enjoys both the applied work, behind prison walls, and working toward prison reform through research.

Courses Taught

BSC 201: Research Methods and Data Analysis
CRM 151: Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice
CRM 221: Corrections
CRM 357: Victimology
CRM 362: Juvenile Justice
CRM 370: Internship in Criminology
SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology
SOC 230: Contemporary US Social Issues
SOC 373: Sociology of Deviance
SOC 380: Special Topics: Death Penalty
SOC 380: Special Topics: Ethical Leadership in Criminal Justice
SOC 380: Special Topics: Women, Gender, and Crime


Corrections, Prison Education, Family Visitation Events, Societal Implications of how we understand Crime and Deviance, Recidivism, What it means to be a Returning Citizen

Research Interests

Impact of Incarceration on Families, The importance of programs that support successful reentry, Comparative Criminology, the School to Prison Pipeline, The experience of LGBTQ+ in prison, Prison Volunteers and peer Mentors, Reentry programs, Prison arts

Students in Dr. Lazzari's prior classes note the following about her teaching:

Dr. Lazzari always believes in me and gives me the push I needed even when I don't feel like doing something.

Lazzari has stayed for hours to listen to me talk about my stresses of the semester and has allowed me countless opportunities to redeem myself and bring my grade up. She is so supportive of each of her students. 

Dr. Lazzari’s Research Methods class really challenged my thinking, and is the first course that has made me think outside of the box and I loved it! It was really challenging to make the change from taking in information and just listening to lectures to critically thinking every time I entered class. Now, it has made me more confident in my academic performance, writing abilities, oral presentation skills, and critical thinking skills. I appreciate Dr. Lazzari’s passion for the topics she exposes us to!


Lazzari CV

Sarah Lazzari
Sarah Lazzari
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