Athletics Coaching

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Type of Degree: Minor

This minor prepares you for entry level athletics coaching at the youth, recreational or interscholastic level. It is a good fit for education majors interested in coaching, students who are interested in coaching part-time or as a special interest, or student-athletes who may be interested in pursuing their passion further in coaching.

Through this minor, you will learn best practices in coaching techniques, understand developmentally appropriate practices in teaching youth sports and the relationship of sport in our society, improve your proficiency in the execution of sports fundamentals, and understand the dynamics of inclusion in sports programs.

Minor in Athletics Coaching


•  ESS 211: History of Sport and Fitness
•  ESS 212: Group Fitness Leadership
•  ESS 302: Administration and Organization of Physical Education
•  ESS 316: Sport and Society
•  PSY 101: General Psychology
•  PSY 212: Sport Psychology

Select 5 courses from:

•  ESS 203: Coaching Techniques
•  ESS 204: Teaching of Basketball
•  ESS 205: Teaching of Volleyball
•  ESS 206: Teaching of Soccer
•  ESS 207: Teaching of Softball
•  ESS 208: Teaching of Track and Field
•  ESS 209: Teaching of Tennis
•  ESS 339: Teaching of Dance and Gymnastics

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