Legal Studies

About the Legal Studies Minor

This minor enhances your knowledge of the legal system and is meant for students interested in heading to law school. But if you’re just interested in legal issues or how the law affects society, this is a great minor to add.

Law schools do not require you to major in anything specific. They want students to explore their interests whether it be history, literature, math or science. Heidelberg's Pre-Law Advisor will provide you with one-on-one advice as well as references for law school.


Below are the course requirements for the Legal Studies Minor:

This does not replace official academic requirements in the university catalog. Enrolled students will work with their faculty advisor to ensure they meet all the requirements of their major.


•  POL 200: Introduction to Political Philosophy
•  POL 235: The Constitution and the Structure of Government: Struggles for Power
•  POL 236: Criminal Procedure and Individual Rights
•  POL 377: Global Issues II: Human Rights and Social Justice

2 courses from:

•  BAE 318: Business Law I
•  BAE 319: Business Law II
•  ECO 346: Law and Economics
•  MED 375: Media Law and Ethics

For a more detailed academic schedule, or to ask questions about any of our majors, contact the Admission Office at admission [at] or (419) 448-2330.

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Legal Studies
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