Over 400 million people in the world speak Spanish. As the world becomes more interconnected, having a sensitivity toward other cultures and an appreciation for other points of view and behavior patterns gives you an advantage.

Students have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad, living with a host family and studying in a Spanish-speaking country. This total immersion experience is the most effective way for you to become fluent in the language and to feel truly "at home" in the host culture. Most students choose between Spain, Argentina, or Mexico.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice Spanish in Tiffin such as the Spanish Conversation Table, which meets weekly for coffee, snacks and conversation in Spanish. Our students also work with En Camino, a local agency that works in the Spanish-speaking migrant community.

Border Trip
U.S./Mexico Border Trip

Every year, Heidelberg students participate in a service-learning opportunity in Texas along the Mexico border. You’ll help prepare and implement enrichment activities for a summer program for the children of a local immigrant community. It’s open to all majors and is a great way to practice the language, give back to a community in need, and experience a different culture.

My study abroad experience did wonders for my transition to graduate school and teaching at the undergraduate level. My colleagues could tell I had studied in Spain based on my accent, and my students benefitted from the firsthand cultural experiences I could share with them. That time abroad prepped me more than I could ever realize for graduate coursework.

— Ashley Racicot '15
Minor in Spanish

Select 5 from:

​​​•  SPA 201-202: Intermediate Spanish
​​​•  SPA 305: Introduction to Conversation
​​​•  SPA 307: Composition I
​​​•  SPA 319: Spanish inside Out I
​​​•  SPA 320: Spanish inside Out II
​​​•  SPA 321: Survey of Latin American literature
​​​•  SPA 325: Spanish Literature Survey
​​​•  SPA 330: Contemporary Latin American Narrative
​​​•  SPA 333: Spanish Culture and Civilization
​​​•  SPA 334: Latin American Culture and Civilization
​​​•  SPA 335: Hispanic Literature for Children and Young People
​​​•  SPA 340: Guided Study
​​​•  SPA 401-402: Independent Study
​​​•  SPA 411: Special Topics in Hispanic Literature
​​​•  SPA 412: Special Topics in Spanish Language

It is recommended that students spend at least a semester or a summer at a foreign study site approved by the Department of Languages.

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