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Type of Degree: Minor

Philosophy explores fundamental issues about truth, logic, ethics, and human nature. The ability to think carefully and logically is a skill that prepares you for success in any career by expanding your view of the world and helping you make sound, well-reasoned decisions.

Explore the sub-fields of philosophy such as aesthetics (the nature of beauty, definition of art), metaphysics (the nature of reality, what sort of things exist), epistemology (theories of knowledge), ethics (defining concepts of right action, obligation, justice), and logic (principles of reasoning). You’ll be sought after for your ability to analyze and discuss the important and difficult issues and problems of our time.


  • Grant Writer
  • Researcher
  • Consumer Advocate
  • Lawyer
  • Mental Health Worker


I chose to major in philosophy because it helps me develop creative thoughts and applies to my other classes. Thinking differently, problem solving, and knowing how to think for yourself are all important skills to employers. Greg Marsano ‘16

Minor in Philosophy


•  PHI 140: Introduction to Philosophy
•  PHI 202: Logic
•  PHI 216: Ethics
•  PHI 309: History of Western Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval
•  PHI 310: History of Western Philosophy: Modern
•  One other PHI course at the 200 level or above

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