Now more than ever, there's a need for people to understand the complexities of our criminal justice system. Sociology is the study of society and collective behavior. "The study of society," it is a broad field that lets you explore a variety of avenues.

Heidelberg's program combines the practical applications of our criminal justice system with theoretical approaches. You'll learn to understand society and its structures, the role of education, politics, healthcare, and criminal justice in our society, and the dynamics of culture in our perception of society. You'll look at the ways our system perpetuates injustices and how culture impacts inequities and inequalities.

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Combine this minor with criminology or education.
Alyssa Goetz
Alyssa Goetz

I decided to minor in sociology because I’m passionate about social matters and I knew it would complement my major by giving more context regarding social relations in our world and country. 

Minor in Sociology


•  SOC 100: Introductory Sociology
•  BSC 210: Research Methods and Data Analysis

4 Courses from:

•  PSY 310: Social Psychology (Prerequisite: PSY 101)
•  SOC 230: Contemporary U.S. Social Issues
•  SOC 310: Intermediate Data Science (Prerequisite: CRM 210 or PSY 201)
•  SOC 347: Cities & Society
•  SOC 373: Sociology of Deviance
•  SOC 380: Topics in Sociology
•  SOC 415: Social & Behavioral Health

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