Type of Degree: Minor
Department:  Psychology and Criminology Department

Sociology is the study of society and collective behavior. It is a social science relying on the critical analysis of data and social theory to understand how groups, institutions, networks, and social structures impact the mental and physical well-being of individuals.

Minor in Sociology


•  SOC 100: Introductory Sociology
•  CRM 210: Research Methods or PSY 201 – Research Methods

4 Courses from:

•  PSY 310: Social Psychology (Prerequisite: PSY 101)
•  SOC 230: Contemporary U.S. Social Issues
•  SOC 310: Intermediate Data Science (Prerequisite: CRM 210 or PSY 201)
•  SOC 347: Cities & Society
•  SOC 373: Sociology of Deviance
•  SOC 380: Topics in Sociology
•  SOC 415: Social & Behavioral Health
•  SOC 445: Sociology of Religion

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