Margaret Thiele

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Brenneman Music Hall


Assistant Professor of Music Education

Director of The Singing Collegians

School of Music and Theatre


DMA, Boston University

MA, Eastern Michigan University

BME, The Ohio State University


Music education has always been a passion for Dr. Thiele. She taught elementary music, grades K-6, in Dexter, MI and undergraduate and graduate music courses at Eastern Michigan University. Dr. Thiele also served on the Piano Faculty at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. She has presented research in Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Florida, and Michigan, and contributed to the Music Education Policy Project at Boston University.

Courses Taught

MUS 105: Fundamentals of Theory
MUS 107: Classical Music History
MUS 110: Introduction to the Teaching of Music and Related Careers
MUS 115: Teaching and Performing with Technology
MUS 123: Aural Training I
MUS 124: Aural Training II
MUS 150: Singing Collegians
MUS 345: Special Topics in Music
MUS 563: Teaching and Learning in Music

Music Education, Music Theory, Piano Pedagogy,

Music Development and Cognition, Impact of public policy on music education

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