It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Antone Truss
Graduate Assistant - Track & Field
Email Address:
Craig Turek
Phone:  419-448-2391
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Brendan Valentine
Adjunct Faculty, Nutrition
Email Address:
Mark Veal
Adjunct Professor of Marketing
Phone:  419-448-2269
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Steven Velasquez
Professor of Physics, Chair
Phone:  419-448-2352
Email Address:
Grant Venema
Part-Time Security Officer
Phone:  419-448-2211
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Chase Venuto
Football - Running Backs Coach
Phone:  419-448-2494
Email Address:
Monica Verhoff
Executive Assistant to the President, Provost & Board of Trustees
Phone:  419-448-2202
Email Address:
Matt Wadsworth
Animal Lab Coordinator
Phone:  419-448-2485
Email Address:
Michael Walker
Plumber & General Maintenance
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Leslie Wasserman
Adjunct Instructor of Education
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Jonathan Waters
Assistant Professor of Music Education and Director of Bands
Phone:  419-448-2085
Email Address:
Shannon Weimerskirch
General Manager, Parkhurst Dining
Phone:  419-448-2232
Email Address:
Christie Weininger
Adjunct Instructor of History
Phone:  419-448-2050
Email Address:
Juli Weininger
Director of Financial Aid
Phone:  419-448-2293
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