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Countdown to Commencement: Teddy & Haley (Schreiner) Berger

May 7, 2018

Just like more than 2,100 alumni couples, graduating seniors Teddy and Haley (Schreiner) Berger found their happily ever after at Heidelberg. They just sealed the deal sooner than most.

The stars collided for Teddy, who is from Topeka, Indiana, and Haley, who from Bascom, Ohio, when they pursued their love for music and theatre as Heidelberg freshmen.

Countdown to Commencement: Halli Grunder

May 4, 2018

Some people may look for familiarity when searching for their first job but Halli Grunder is not one of them.

Countdown to Commencement: Kaylee Wilburn

May 3, 2018

Microbiology wasn’t something Kaylee Wilburn was introduced to in high school, or even through her associate’s degree science coursework. But she’s eager to jump on board to continue her studies in a field that is growing in popularity and impact.

A CURE for the common lab experience

May 3, 2018

Biology professor Dr. Justin Pruneski may have found a CURE for the traditional science lab experience, and through it, his students learn how to take the next steps in their research.

Congrats Student, Faculty, and Organization Award Winners

Apr 30, 2018

Congratulations to all of the students, faculty and staff members who were honored for their achievements inside and outside the classroom at the annual Student Awards Assembly on Friday, April 27.

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