This writing minor offers you the ability to improve their writing and communications skills across a variety of writing styles including technical writing, journalism, and creative writing. Students majoring in English are not eligible for this minor.

Make yourself marketable

Combine with sport management or education.

I have always loved writing and by having this as a minor I was hoping to expand my horizon on different writing techniques as I would like to publish my own book someday.

— Amanda Overy
Minor in Writing


•  LIT 102: Literary Genres
•  LIT 291: Introduction to Literary Theory

Select 5 from:

•  WRI 210: Creative Writing
•  WRI 213: Intermediate Writing
•  WRI 310: Special Topics in Writing and Language
•  WRI 311: Advanced Poetry Writing
•  WRI 312: Advanced Fiction Writing
•  WRI 314: Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing
•  WRI 351: Business and Professional Writing
•  WRI 352: Grant Writing
•  WRI 353: Writing and the Publishing Industry
•  WRI 354: Writing to Inform
•  WRI 355: Writing for Social Change
•  WRI 356: Writing for Non-Specialist Audiences
•  MED 205: Media Writing

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