Meet The Faculty

It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Andrea Roerdink
Instructor of Accounting
Phone:  419-448-2326
Email Address:
Janet Rozick
Adjunct Instructor of History
Phone:  419-448-2173
Email Address:
Eric Rutherford
Adjunct Instructor of Bassoon
Email Address:
Walter Ryley
Adjunct Instructor of Business
Phone:  419-448-2626
Email Address:
Rufus Sanders
Adjunct Instructor of Counseling
Email Address:
Mary Jo SanGregory
Adjunct Instructor of Education
Email Address:
Nathan Santos
Instructor of Guitar
Neil Sass
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Phone:  419-448-2235
Email Address:
James Scherf Jr.
Adjunct Instructor of English
Phone:  419-448-2118
Email Address:
Steven Schrag
Adjunct Professor, History and Anthropology
Email Address:
Aaron Sell
Assistant Professor, Psychology and Criminology
Marjorie Shavers
Assistant Professor of Counseling
Phone:  419-448-2308
Email Address:
Traci Sittason Stark
Professor of Psychology, Chair
Phone:  419-448-2251
Email Address:
Bryan Smith
Dean of The School of Natural Sciences & Allied Health Sciences
Phone:  419-448-2045
Email Address:
Barbara Specht
Associate Professor of Clarinet and Saxophone
Phone:  419-448-2083
Email Address:

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