Meet The Faculty

It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Barry Devine
Assistant Professor of English
Phone:  419-448-2047
Email Address:
Carol Dusdieker
Director of the School of Music & Theatre
Phone:  419-448-2080
Email Address:
Nancy El Gendy
Assistant Professor English, Literature
Email Address:
Pam Faber
Professor of Biology, Chair
Phone:  419-448-2976
Email Address:
Joseph Faykosh
Adjunct Instructor of History
Email Address:
Derek Feuerstein
Adjunct Faculty, Political Science
Email Address:
Robert Foster
Adjunct Instructor of Business Management
Phone:  419-448-2901
Email Address:
Mary Garrison
Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication
Phone:  2003
Email Address:
William Grasman
Professor of Mathematics
Phone:  419-448-2023
Email Address:
Virginia Gregg
Professor of Psychology, Chair
Phone:  419-448-2219
Email Address:
Clint Hackenburg
Adjunct Instructor, Religion
Email Address:
Brian Haley
Professor of Education & History
Phone:  419-448-2119
Email Address:
Lindsey Haubert
Assistant Professor of Education, Mathematics
Phone:  419-448-2264
Email Address:
Robin Heaton
Assistant Professor of Communication, Chair
Phone:  419-448-2477
Email Address:
Dawn Henry
Assistant Professor of Special Education
Email Address:

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