Meet The Faculty

It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Jinjuan Liu
Professor of Chinese Language & Culture
Phone:  419-448-2018
Email Address:
Kurt Loeffler
Adjunct Instructor of Accounting
Phone:  419-448-2901
Email Address:
Betty Maceo
Adjunct Instructor of Counseling
Email Address:
Omar Malik
Associate Professor of Business Administration
Phone:  419-448-2221
Email Address:
Pete Martini
Assistant Professor of Criminology & Sociology
Phone:  419-448-2897
Email Address:
Aly Matejka
Instructor of Athletic Training
Phone:  419-448-2514
Email Address:
Douglas McConnell
Professor of Composition and Theory
Phone:  419-448-2076
Email Address:
Joan McConnell
Adjunct Instructor of Organ and Music Theory
Phone:  419-448-2277
Email Address:
Jerry McDonald
Assistant Professor of Human Performance and Sports Studies, Chair
Phone:  419-448-2356
Email Address:
David McLeod
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Phone:  419-448-2408
Email Address:
Patrick McLeod
Adjunct Professor of Business
Phone:  419-448-2626
Email Address:
Harry Melroy
Adjunct Instructor of Art
Email Address:
Kathy Miller
Instructor of Movement
Phone:  419-448-2306
Email Address:
Mark Mitchell
Visiting Assistant Professor of Ecology
Email Address:
Diane Monaco
Assistant Professor of Economics
Phone:  419-448-2036
Email Address:

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