It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Cynthia Ramsdell
Staff Accompanist, School of Music
Phone:  419-448-2073
Email Address:
Greg Ramsdell
Director of Choral Activities
Phone:  419-448-2154
Email Address:
Suzanne Reinhart
Adjunct Instructor of Counseling
Email Address:
Laurie Repp
Director of Library Services
Phone:  419-448-2106
Email Address:
Ryan Reynolds
Adjunct Instructor of Bassoon
Email Address:
Trace Reynolds
Graduate Assistant - Football
Email Address:
Jeff Rhoades
Director of Campus Safety & Security
Phone:  419-448-2977
Email Address:
Ronee Rice
Project Coordinator for the Department of Justice Office Grant
Phone:  419-448-2175
Email Address:
Susan Rife
Senior Associate Director of Admission
Phone:  419-448-2097
Email Address:
Barbara Roberts
Phone:  419-448-2391
Tobey Robison
Assistant Director of Information Technology for Integrated Systems
Phone:  419-448-2367
Email Address:
Aaron Roerdink
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Phone:  419-448-2250
Email Address:
Andrea Roerdink
Instructor of Accounting
Phone:  419-448-2326
Email Address:
Peggy Ronski
Administrative Assistant for CNIT and Computer Science
Phone:  419-448-2297
Email Address:
Jenni Royce
Instruction and Reference Librarian
Phone:  419-448-2104
Email Address:

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