It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Andy Bucheit
Head Men's Basketball Coach
Phone:  419-448-2006
Email Address:
James Buss
Graduate Assistant - Wrestling
Phone:  419-448-2605
Email Address:
Ronald Callahan
Custodial Lead
Phone:  419-448-2391
Email Address:
Linda Cantley
Neil Carrier
Marketing and Communication Specialist
Phone:  419-448-2319
Email Address:
Lynne Cartwright
Adjunct Instructor of Education
Phone:  419-448-2089
Email Address:
Michele Castleman
Associate Professor of Education
Phone:  419-448-2129
Email Address:
Alex Chiarappa
Assistant Director of Admission
Phone:  419-448-2337
Email Address:
Robert Chidester
Adjunct Instructor of Anthropology
Email Address:
Pat Christopher
Assistant Baseball Coach
Phone:  419-448-2188
Email Address:
Gary Clagg
Phone:  419-448-2391
Email Address:
Renee Clair
Adjunct Instructor of Music
Phone:  419-448-2153
Email Address:
Daryl Close
Professor of Computer Science and Philosophy
Phone:  419-448-2281
Email Address:
Remegio Confesor
Senior Research Scientist
Phone:  419-448-2204
Email Address:
John Cook
Associate Professor of Finance
Phone:  419-448-2205
Email Address:

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