COVID-19 Response:

The Heidelberg University campus is closed in response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Classes are being taught through remote learning. Essential work is continuing as needed. Offices and departments can be contacted through email or phone calls. Read more information about the campus response to COVID-19. 

It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Lexi Fodor
Graphic Designer
Phone:  419-448-2031
Email Address:
Jesse Forestell
Graduate Assistant - Baseball
Email Address:
Robert Foster
Adjunct Instructor of Business Management
Phone:  419-448-2205
Email Address:
Rebecca Frank
Instructional Technologist
Phone:  419-448-2460
Email Address:
Ivan Franks
Graduate Assistant Hall Director
Email Address:
Donna Frederick
Bookstore Clerk
Irene Frisch
Administrative Assistant
Phone:  419-448-2304
Email Address:
Holly Frische
James Fruth
Adjunct Instructor
Robert Fruth
Chemical/Lab Operations & Safety Specialist
Phone:  419.448.2438
Email Address:
Cory Fry
HVAC Technician
Email Address:
Hayley Fuhrer
Serials and Acquisitions Supervisor
Phone:  419-448-2098
Email Address:
Barb Gabel
Business Officer
Phone:  419-448-2183
Email Address:
Jeff Garvin
Director of Athletic Marketing and Information
Phone:  419-448-2140
Email Address:
Andrew Gase
Athletic Team Physician

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