It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Jakob Boehler
Research Assistant
Phone:  419-448-2054
Email Address:
Emily Clark
NCWQR Lab Technician
Email Address:
Remegio Confesor
Senior Research Scientist
Phone:  419-448-2204
Email Address:
Laura Johnson
Director of the National Center for Water Quality Research
Phone:  419-448-2056
Email Address:
Doug Kane
Assistant Professor of Biology
Email Address:
Nathan Manning
Research Assistant, National Center for Water Quality Research
Email Address:
Sarah McGuinness
Research Associate, NCWQR
Email Address:
Nancy Miller
Business Manager
Phone:  419-448-2198
Email Address:
Aaron Roerdink
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Phone:  419-448-2250
Email Address:

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