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Countdown to Commencement: Dani Blum

May 8, 2017

Dani Blum, ’17, did not come to Heidelberg for biochemistry.

“I fell into it luckily,” she said laughing. “I originally wanted to be a chemistry teacher, but I was more interested in being in the lab. I love discovering new things and seeing what I can make happen.”

It turns out biochemistry was the perfect fit, and Blum is the first Heidelberg student to take every major chemistry class offered at Heidelberg.

Countdown to Commencement: Isaac Bwayo

May 5, 2017

Isaac Bwayo took a circuitous path to Heidelberg, following former soccer coach Ryan Carruth to the ‘Berg after spending two years at a community college in Arizona. You might think transferring to a university in the Midwest would be challenging, and it was. But for Isaac, it was nothing compared to his experience in a refugee camp.

Civil unrest forced Isaac from his native Uganda into the camp. Although he had an uncle and a brother with him, it was tough on the 10-year-old. “I just wanted to see my mom and my mom is not there,” he recalled.

Countdown to Commencement: Michelle Motil

May 4, 2017

During her own formative years, it was Michelle Motil’s dream to become a mature, well-educated and responsible adult. She’s well on her way, although it hasn’t been easy. She completely lost her eyesight at age 15. As if that wasn’t enough for a teenager to handle, a swimming accident in high school led to near-complete hearing loss.

Countdown to Commencement: Award Winners

May 3, 2017

Last week, the Student Awards Ceremony celebrated our students and their academic achievements. Here are a few of the senior winners.

’Berg duo leads Model UN conference with great skill

May 2, 2017

For the third year, Heidelberg served as the host school for the Model United Nations of the Far West Conference in San Francisco. This year’s late April gathering brought together about 500 students in a simulation to address world issues with the theme was “Old Threats, New Threats: Global and Human Security in 2017.”

Seniors Bethany Beaver and Colin Higgins fulfilled the key roles of General Secretary and Under-Secretary General, overseeing the entire conference and assuring its smooth administration.

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