Meet The Faculty

It's the people at Heidelberg that make it truly special.

Andrew Aebly
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Email Address:
Lori Akins
Adjunct Instructor of Flute
Phone:  419-448-2081
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Catalin Anghelina
Adjunct Faculty of French
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Thaddeus Archer
Adjunct Instructor of Music
Phone:  419-448-2151
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Carrie Banfield-Taplin
Adjunct Instructor of French Horn
Email Address:
Sarah Bast
Adjunct Professor of Political Science
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Nathaniel Beres
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Chair
Phone:  419-448-2015
Email Address:
Amy Berger
Professor of Geology
Phone:  419-448-2292
Email Address:
Maria Bessmeltseva
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Violin
Email Address:
Rhonda Best
Adjunct Instructor of Criminology
Phone:  419-448-2366
Email Address:
Lucy Biederman
Assistant Professor of Writing
Phone:  419-448-2100
Email Address:
Bronte Billings
Adjunct Instructor of English
Benjamin Bodart
Technical Director/Instructor of Theatre
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Christopher Boehler
Adjunct Instructor of Biology
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Joshua Bowman
Assistant Professor of Political Science
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