College Credit Plus

Why CCP?

As a student in grades 7-12 you have an opportunity to jump-start your higher education experience through the College Credit Plus Program.

  • Earn both high school and college credit for courses completed. 
  • Pursue challenging academic coursework beyond the high school classroom.
  • Interact with Heidelberg’s full and supportive community - including fellow students, faculty, and staff.
  • Reduce the overall cost in earning college credit as tuition will be covered by the home high school district under the provisions of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3365. Textbooks are also provided.

Heidelberg participates in CCP by allowing qualified students to come to our campus to take seated classes along with our regular college students. We believe this is the best format for Heidelberg to provide high quality academics and give you the benefit of the entire college experience.  Click here for Academic Programs.

How to Apply

Submit the following by May 1:

Students must follow the eligibility guidelines and meet the assessment threshold as set by the State of Ohio along with meeting Heidelberg's admission requirements. 

Our admission process is highly personalized and we consider the “whole person” as we identify students who would be a good match for Heidelberg. We will review all the information provided with your application and notify you of our decision usually within a week or two.

Available Courses

Students will work with both the college advisor and high school guidance counselor to assure they are taking appropriate courses and meeting necessary requirements for high school graduation.

Courses must be selected from the Schedule of Classes posted on the Heidelberg website. Courses must also meet the course eligibility rules as set by the State of Ohio.

Course prerequisites must be met as indicated in the course descriptions. Typically, course selections will be at the 100- and 200-level; however, based on placement or met prerequisites, students may be able to enroll in courses at the 300- and 400-level.

Most courses meet between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday for 50 minutes or Tuesday and Thursday for 75 minutes each.

Course availability cannot be guaranteed. Because Heidelberg students are given priority in registering for classes, some classes may reach maximum capacity before registrations for CCP students are processed. In such cases, CCP students will be advised to consider other course offerings.


All CCP students are required to attend an orientation session prior to their first semester at Heidelberg. Orientation will acquaint students with our online information system, available resources, and policies and program guidelines. Sessions are held in May with specific dates and times to be announced.


Students will work with an advisor each semester when registering for classes. We will help students choose approved courses appropriate to their interests and desired profession. If you have questions, contact the Office of Admission at 419.448.2330 or by e-mail at

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