Porus Shroff

Porus Shroff

Class of 2018

Sport Management Major, Economics Minor

​From Mumbai to Man U

So, basically, I signed up for a nationwide talent hunt sponsored by Airtel and Manchester United. There were two rounds of selections and in the first selection there were over 500 kids only from the city of Mumbai. Only three out of them were chosen. The second selection included the other kids that were selected in their respective cities. Twelve kids out of around 50 got selected to train at Manchester United and I was fortunate to have been one of them. There were about 4,000 kids in total that showcased their abilities around the country.

Collegiate Athlete

I always wanted to play soccer in college. I was fortunate enough to get in touch with the newly appointed head coach at Heidelberg at the time (Ryan Carruth) through my assistant coach (Philip Koshi) at the Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut. One thing lead to another and it wasn't long before I had committed myself to playing soccer at Heidelberg.

Friendly and Caring Atmosphere

What I love about the community is that everyone is friendly and helpful. I have made some of my best friends here and have been lucky to come across faculty members who truly care about me.

Unexpected Friends

International Coffee Hour is hosted on campus by the Office of International Affairs and Studies. It is one of my favorite events on campus because it gives me a chance to meet with students that I never imagined talking to. Julie Arnold and everyone else involved go out of their way to make it a fun event. Oh, and the snacks are also great.

Soccer and School

Finding a balance between athletics and school work comes down to managing your time. I try to manage my time for school work around my soccer schedule and use that time as efficiently as possible.

Fun Facts

Hometown: Mumbai, India
​Campus Involvements: Member of the Men’s Soccer Team, Men’s Tennis Team, SAAC and Berg Latinx Unidos, and work in the Dean of Student Affairs Office
​Favorite App: World Series Of Poker
Hobbies: Listening to music, painting, soccer/play Ping-Pong, sleeping
​Dream Job As a Kid: Professional soccer player
Post Graduation Plans: Probably get my master’s degree.

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