Campus Fellowship (CRU)

CRU is a Christian organization open to everyone who wants to expand on their religion and grow in their faith. Are you curious about God or do you want to continue to know more about religion? CRU is the place for you. It is a loving community open to all types of people in different levels of their religious life. 

Every Monday we worship with our student worship band, a speaker discusses topics geared towards college students, and we pray as a community. Bible studies are also offered weekly for both males and females where they gather in small groups and time is given for more in-depth conversations. 

Each year students have the ability to attend Winter Conference in Indianapolis over winter break where, for four days, you and members of your school are given the opportunity to listen to famous speakers, jam out to some amazing bands, and most importantly grow stronger in your faith. There is also the opportunity to travel over the summer to spread your love for your faith in various ways. Find us around campus and follow us in developing your faith!

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