Zeta Theta Psi

Zeta Theta Psi is a society that strives to empower sophisticated women through academics. We do this by lifting each other up, cheering each other on, and sending each other "good vibes" whenever needed. Created in 2019, the Zeta Gents bring some amazing allies in to help with our mission!

We come from all different programs, majors, backgrounds, and we have so many different interests. All these differences bring us together, however, and we're constantly learning from each other. We all have one thing in common, and that's a love for empowering ourselves and others! We invite you to take a good look at all the Greek groups, and we have you find a home in one of them, maybe even a corollary, too! To us, Zeta is our home!

Written by Josie Brun

Nickname: Zetas
Founded: 2013
Colors: Crimson and Silver
Motto: We rise from the depths, immovable, an eternal knot of fire.
Community Service: True Beauty Day

Type: Greek

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