2019 Alumni Award Winners

2019 Alumni Award Winners

One of the highlights of Alumni Weekend each year is the presentation of the annual Alumni Awards. This year, we were pleased to honor Elrich “Pete” Green, ’78, with the Outstanding Alumni Award, Angie Cook with the Service Award and the Zartman-Diefenbach-Thompson Family with the Legacy Family Award.

Nominations are accepted throughout the year with a Dec. 31 deadline for the following Alumni Weekend. We keep the nominations on file for three years. If you know a deserving alumna, alumnus or family, use this form to nominate them.

2019 Alumni Award Winners

Outstanding Alumni Award

Elrich "Pete" Green, '78

As a student at Heidelberg in the mid-1970s, Elrich L. “Pete” Green (pictured above) was a larger-than-life personality on campus, engaged in activities across the board where he could truly make a difference.

Service Award

Angie Cook

Sewing, some would say, is a lost art, but it has many benefits. You can learn at any age. It requires creativity, keeps the brain active, improves hand-eye coordination and reduces stress. Sewing promotes joy and satisfaction from creating something from scratch or tailoring something to fit. Super-talented seamstress Angie Cook knows all of these, and we are grateful that she shares her talents with the School of Music & Theatre and the Office of Alumni Engagement. In fact, grateful is an understatement.

Legacy Family Award

Zartman-Diefenbach-Thompson Family

The first alumnus who represents this year’s honored Legacy Family was a member of the first graduating class of Heidelberg College back in 1854. Sixteen decades and close to 30 alumni later, the members of the Zartman-Diefenbach-Thompson Family have left their mark on Heidelberg since its founding days

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