A day to 'Thank A Giver'

A day to 'Thank A Giver'

TAG Day -- a day to Thank A Giver. This day consists of the Student Alumni Association “tagging” campus with posts of each building and opportunity made possible by our amazing donors as well as writing postcards to thank those donors. About a month before this day, the members of SAA meet to organize the 8-hour long event. During this process, students sign up for shifts, design a TAG Day T-shirt, discuss and decide on prizes, and most importantly, promote the event to the rest of the campus.

Not only is this event held in honor of National Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day but it is made possible by students all over campus in order to make sure donors know how grateful we are for their endless support, opportunities and donations. This year, students signed 1,846 postcards with personal messages written to donors expressing gratitude for all they’ve done. 

TAG Day is full of fun but at the end of the day, it is focused on expressing sincere gratitude to those who have our backs. As this year’s theme took sail with “Donors Have Our Backs,” the giveaway was a back scratcher to all students who participated. And honestly, where would we be today if it weren’t for those who have provided us endless opportunities and have continued to watch our backs? 

See more photos from Thursday's TAG Day event.

As a member of the Student Alumni Association TAG Day is one of my favorite events that we host, one that I look forward to every year. The day is full of excitement and I really enjoy the idea of personally thanking those who have aided in providing opportunities most students wouldn’t have. It really is all about showing your gratitude for what is available to you because of those who donate.

Written by SAA member Amanda Overy '20

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