Student Senate encourages involvement in clubs, orgs

Student Senate encourages involvement in clubs, orgs

Being a member of a student organization – or multiple organizations, as is the case for many ‘Berg students – provides a place to gain new experiences, learn new skills and meet new people.

“It adds so much to the ‘Berg experience, giving us something to look forward to outside of the classroom and another reason to return back to campus,” says junior Noah Kennard.

Noah is actively involved in Greek Life, Student Senate, Chem Club, BEC, men’s tennis and as an Orientation leader in the summer.

Along with fellow Student Senators, Noah, currently serving as the Liaison to Student Organizations, would like new students to know they are welcome to try out and join student organizations. In fact, he encourages it.

“I think the best way to get involved is to jump right in and try not to say no,” he says.

Typically, the Student Engagement Office hosts an organization fair early in the fall semester to give students a chance to see what’s available and meet current members. But the pandemic canceled the fair this year. So student orgs have had to get creative. “Everyone is coming up with ideas to get the groups out to the newer students, and those will be rolled out very soon,” Noah says.

On a personal note, the first org Noah joined was his fraternity, Nu Sigma Alpha. “I love Greek Life,” he says. “As a whole, it provides so many individuals on campus a home, myself included.” He enjoys it so much that he’s currently serving as the president of Greek Life Council and is a Delt Guy.

Departmental organizations give students an opportunity to work outside the classroom yet still within their major. As a math education major, Noah participates in the Heidelberg University Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the group that conducts (among other things) math camps for local elementary schools.

Additionally, students can choose from organizations in Campus Ministry and Religious Life, communications, government-affiliated groups, honoraries, music ensembles and other special interest groups.

Student Organizations provide skills that students carry with them after leaving the Berg. “One major skill is communication, and this is something that all groups need and new members learn that right away,” Noah says. Other skills include problem solving, handling differing points of view, and time management.

Currently, most groups are holding their meetings virtually and they are getting creative with their one-in-person event per month, following all safety protocols. “These challenges have forced groups to be way more flexible and creative, but will make all student organizations better moving forward,” Noah said.

Intrigued? If you want to know more about a club or decide if it’s the right fit for you, reach out to Noah at and he’ll put you in touch with the president of the group.

Don’t stay on the sidelines … jump right in! 

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