Veteran gets fresh start as student

“Most kids dream about being a firefighter or police officer. I always wanted to be military.”

Right out of Tiffin Columbian High School in 2012, Greg Davisson got his chance. He enlisted in the U.S. Marines, where he spent the past five years, achieving the rank of corporal. After a while, although Greg enjoyed the travel, the work got a bit monotonous. When his service was complete, Greg was ready for the next chapter in his life – college.

He arrived home from Marine Corps Air Station New River in Jacksonville, North Carolina, on July 1. Less than two months later, he was enrolled at Heidelberg. He’s making the most of this new opportunity. Greg chose computer science as his major, and he hasn’t wasted any time getting involved on campus.

“I came back to Tiffin because of family,” Greg said. “I missed it a lot.”

With his GI bill benefits recently kicking in, Heidelberg is a fresh start.

“When people invest in me, I’ll invest in me. The Marines took more time to recruit me, and Heidelberg got more involved in trying to recruit me,” he said. “That’s why I’m here.”

The best part about college life: making new friends. He’s considering pledging a fraternity this spring and he got elected to Student Senate in his first semester. He also joined the Outdoor Enthusiast Club and went on the HYPE Career Ready first-year common experience trip to Hocking Hills.

“I enjoy the people I’ve met here. I’ve been able to rely on them more,” he said.

Greg is thinking about a career in computer-aided design with a focus on engineering – something that always came easy to him. He also looks forward to building a house on a small ranch with all kinds of animals.

On this Veterans Day, Greg has a new understanding about to those who served and sacrificed – although he doesn’t want the attention on himself.

“I feel Veterans Day should be more for someone who did something … like adults who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and others,” he said. “I would rather show my appreciation toward them than people show it toward me.”

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