Kim Newman

Kim (Gnepper) Newman

1990 MA in Education



Co-owner, along with her husband, Brad, of Tiffin Aire Inc. The Newmans take great pride in being a family-owned and operated business that was founded in 1968 by Kim’s parents, Dwight and Jeanne Gnepper, with only three employees. When her parents retired in 1989, Kim and Brad bought Tiffin Aire and have grown it tremendously in almost three decades. Today, Tiffin Aire offers aircraft charter, flight instruction and rental, aircraft sales and maintenance, parts and oil sales and propeller/governor sales and service and de-ice boot sales/installation.

Kim is undeniably proud of her family that includes son Andrew, daughter Danielle, and five grandchildren. Eventually, Andrew will take over Tiffin Aire, becoming the third generation to oversee the company’s operations. Now that Danielle, a ’16 ’Berg grad, and her family have settled back into the Tiffin area, Grandma Kim is very, very happy to have the whole clan close by! That includes her two dogs, a Labradoodle and a Collie, who are never very far.


’Berg Legacy:

Kim recalls when her active engagement with Heidelberg began 17 years ago. “It was a short time after the Williard Hall fire, and Lee Martin recruited me.” She has volunteered many, many hours as a member of the Alumni Council, serving as president the past four years. Along with council presidency comes a seat on the Board of Trustees. Kim previously served as president of the Fellows Organization for two years, from 2003-05.

In her final year as Alumni Council president, Kim has spearheaded the revitalization of the Alumni Council, transforming it into an efficient, effective and purpose-driven organization that is committed to helping Heidelberg’s progress. Giving credit to past presidents Donna Overholt, Bob Youngblood and Jaimie Orr for laying the foundation of the council, she’s confident it will be proactive in its mission and impact going forward.

This June, she’ll turn over council leadership to Frann Zverina, ’74, with satisfaction in the knowledge that her time as one of the most visible Heidelberg ambassadors has been very rewarding. “It’s just time for some new blood. But you’ll still see me around.”

Kim is invested, heart and soul, in Heidelberg. Her leadership is transformational. She demonstrates her commitment and passion and persuades others to join her. You can’t say no to Kim! You want to follow her. She is the ultimate partner. The one who doesn’t back down, keeps others motivated and makes sure that everyone crosses the finish line together. She is my MVP. 

-- Ashley Helmstetter, Executive Director of Alumni Engagement and Major Gifts


“10 Questions”

  1. Planes, Trains or Automobiles? “Planes, definitely.”
  2. Favorite travel destination? “Nashville”
  3. If you weren’t with Tiffin Aire, what would you be doing? “Probably a school principal … somewhere where I would be in charge.”
  4. How would you spend a day with no obligations? “Read a good book.”
  5. Dogs or cats? “Dogs.”
  6. Best part about being a grandma? “On your worst day, you can go get a hug that melts your heart and makes everything good again.”
  7. Online or in-store shopping? “That’s a tough one … I’d say both.”
  8. Shoes or accessories? “Shoes.”
  9. What’s the “in” color this spring? “Orange.”
  10. Red, orange or black? “Orange.”

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