Alpha Psi Omega - Theatre

As a theatre honorary, this organization is available to those who perform on and off stage while maintaining a certain GPA. It is an all-inclusive group, as long as you meet the requirements, you do not have to be a theatre major or minor. If you are interested in the theatre and expanding on your love for the arts, this group is for you. 

Events, shows, and social activism programs that we hold include: 

  • HIT Troupe: involves a discussion about sexual assault on campus and how to be aware of warning signs and what to do as a bystander
  • A haunted house: every year we host a haunted house in the catacombs of Founders to help fund our New York trip
  • New York: this trip allows students to audition and see shows in New York over spring break 

This group gives leadership opportunities, social activism, and a creative outlet for the community and those surrounding. We would love to see more people go from the stage to making a social change with us! 

Type: Honoraries

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