Medical Pre-Professionals (SCRUBS)

If you are looking to expand your possibilities, opportunities, and knowledge within the medical field then you’ve found it! SCRUBS is an organization dedicated to helping members get into medical schools, veterinarian schools, dental school, physician assistant schools, therapy schools, and everything in between. 

One of the benefits of joining is that it allows students to find peers that are interested in similar fields. We also frequently visit speakers of different professions related to the healthcare field and how they got there. As a student, you are able to gain invaluable advice considering any career in the healthcare field. 

SCRUBS offers 

  • Free CPR classes every semester
  • Trips to graduate schools, medical schools, and conferences 

We are here to increase your knowledge within these fields, find and provide unbelievable opportunities, strengthen skills that can be added to applications and resumes, and much more! The possibilities are endless and we are here to find them all. 

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