COVID-19 Spring 2021 Information

All faculty, staff, students, and visitors must wear a facial covering when indoors, except when you are regularly alone (i.e., an individual office or a residence hall room) or in settings where you can maintain 6 feet of physical distance from others. Facial coverings are required even if you have been vaccinated.

Everyone must complete a Health Self-Evaluation before arriving on campus. Please click the appropriate form below.

  • Everyone must complete a Health Self-Evaluation before arriving on campus. Please click the appropriate form below.
  • All faculty, staff, students, and visitors must wear a facial covering when indoors, except when you are regularly alone (i.e., an individual office or a residence hall room) or in settings where you can maintain 6 feet of physical distance from others. There may be exceptions to this requirement, which will be managed on a case-by-case basis. If you need a facial covering, we will provide instructions for getting one on campus. Facial coverings are required even if you have been vaccinated.
  • The Office of Admission is open for visits on Monday through Friday. Visit start times are 10 AM, 11 AM, 12 PM and 1PM. We are only scheduling two families for each time slot. 
  • When you arrive at Heidelberg for a campus visit, you will be greeted by an admission counselor in the parking lot. If you don't have one, you'll be supplied with a facial covering and asked to complete a quick Health Self-Evaluation form. Your visit will include a campus tour and sit-down with an admission counselor. Meeting with athletic coaches must be pre-arranged. 
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  • Athletic teams are adhering to the return-to-play and testing protocols set forth by the Ohio Athletic Conference. 
  • The OAC revealed Spring schedules for football, soccer, and volleyball in August.
  • In December, the Ohio Athletic Conference announced that fans will not be permitted to attend any events until at least March 1. All Heidelberg home events (and a vast majority of the road contests) will be streamed live on OAC TV. For more information on how to watch live events, visit our OAC TV information page.

Recreation Facilities

  • All on-campus recreational facilities, including Saurwein Health & Wellness Center, are currently open to members of the Heidelberg community. Saurwein Health & Wellness Center will be open limited hours while students are off campus.

  • Read more on Course Delivery Options for Spring 2021 in the email dated November 4, 2020
  • Classes in the fall were delivered via a variety of modalities, including face-to-face, online, and combinations thereof. A variety of delivery modalities were employed this fall to enhance the safety and wellbeing of students and faculty alike. These included seated with physical distancing and facial coverings, hybrid seated-online with a rotating portion of the students attending the seated sessions, fully synchronous online, and fully asynchronous online. Academic departments and instructors, with guidance by the Owen CTL, Academic Affairs, and Human Resources, determined the best modality for each course. We are complying with the Responsible RestartOhio: Higher Education Operating Standards and Recommended Best Practices document distributed by Governor DeWine's office.
  • The spring 2021 semester calendar has been adjusted as follows:
    • Monday, January 18 -- Martin Luther King Jr. Day On - Required
    • Tuesday, January 19 -- First Day of Classes
    • Wednesday, January 27 -- HYPE Career Ready® Day 1
    • Thursday, February 4 -- Faculty Research Symposium
    • Tuesday, February 23 -- HYPE Career Ready® Day 2
    • Saturday, March 6 - Sunday, March 14 -- Spring Break is being suspended this year and classes will be in session
    • Thursday, March 25 -- HYPE Career Ready® Day 3
    • Friday, April 2 -- Easter Break, No classes, Offices closed
    • Tuesday, April 13 -- Minds @ Work Student Research Conference
    • Tuesday, May 4 -- Last day of classes on campus
    • Wednesday, May 5 -- Reading day, No classes
    • Thursday, May 6 - Tuesday, May 11 -- Final exams
    • Sunday, May 16 -- Commencement
  • Students, faculty, and staff will complete a brief health check form daily which includes a symptom screen, exposure screen, and a temperature report. Hand sanitizing stations have been distributed across campus. Disinfectant spray and paper towels will be provided for surface cleaning before and/or after class. The Krammes staff will deep clean academic rooms daily.

  • The HYPE Career Ready & Placement Office is located in the Office of Student Engagement located on the third floor of Campus Center.
  • HYPE Days are still on as scheduled for the Spring 2021 semester, each will feature a virtual keynote speaker.
  • You can view HYPE Career Ready 101 for more information.

  • Hoernemann Refectory’s capacity will remain at 150 for the spring semester. There will also be take-out options available for all dining locations on campus. See the Dining Services Handout for more information.
  • As of now, once Hoernemann Refectory reaches capacity, students and guests will be permitted to enter on a first come, first serve basis. 
  • With the use of campus approved signage, directional arrows on the floor, new traffic flow patterns and stanchions, we strongly believe we can successfully accommodate all CDC, Ohio Department of Health and Seneca County recommendations. 
  • Facial coverings are a requirement by the University as we move from building to building, and throughout campus a facial covering must be worn. You will need a facial covering to enter any dining location. If you are dining-in you may remove the facial covering while seated. If you start to renavigate or leave your seating area a facial covering must be reapplied. (This is subject to change as we get more direction from the Seneca County Health Department)
  • All Parkhurst Team Members will complete a COVID-19 Safety and Sanitation course before returning to work. In addition to our regular cleaning schedule each table will be completely cleaned, disinfected and sanitized after each sitting as well as disinfecting high traffic touch points every 15 minutes. Also each dining location will close briefly (daily from 3pm to 4pm) for a deep clean between service periods. 
  • Operational changes were implemented starting in the fall semester as well. All salt, pepper and napkins have been removed from the tables. You will receive a rolled silverware packet upon entrance in Hoernemann. Additional napkins, silverware and condiments are available at the condiment station or you may ask your dining room attendant for your seating section. Take-out options for all locations will be announced at a later date. Self-serve stations will now all be served, including the salad bar and condiment station. For now beverages will remain self-serve with an attendant wiping high touch points every 15 minutes. Some stations have moved within Hoernemann Refectory. The Bakery/Dessert area has been relocated to the Deli Area as the Deli is now part of the center island salad bar.
  • The Rock Creek Café, located on the ground floor of Campus Center, will reopen again this Spring, Monday-Thursday from 11 a.m.-7 p.m; Friday 11a.m.- 2 p.m. for additional board dining. This location will feature our signature pizzas, a made-to-Order Deli, a mini salad bar plus weekly speciality features. In addition, to our new online food ordering platform GETFood app, Hot Tomato Pizza Company and Cinco5 Cantina will return to campus beginning 1/25/2021 at 11a.m..
  • The Saurwein Power Station took on a new concept this Fall and will continue this spring. This location became Hoernemann Express, a grab-and-go / pick and go concept. You may pick 5 items, including a beverage for a meal swipe. Entrees will include sandwiches, wraps, salads and new for the spring term - heat and go meals. This location will be open Monday-Friday from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m.
  • The Berg Bistro 1850 will remain all take-out for the Spring semester. In addition to the old favorites, our Parkhurst Branded, Chipotle-type concept, Cinco5 Cantina, will return. This concept  includes made-to-order, salads, burritos, soft tacos and rice bowls. Open daily from 11 a.m.- 8 p.m. inside the Bistro. 

  • Common spaces are being dedensified if possible. Lounges in Miller Hall will have all lounges locked down. King Lounge will be locked down. Williard Hall basement lounge will be locked. Signage will be posted in common areas to identify Heidelberg protocols so students are constantly reminded of safety features.
  • Occupancy in residence halls will remain the same as we usually house students.
  • Facial coverings are to be worn at all times unless students are in their rooms. Physical distancing should still be practiced in rooms.
  • CSC Serviceworks has provided best Laundry Room physical distancing practices. 
  • Please see the list of What to Bring to the Residence Halls for more information on items allowed.

  • Classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized once/day. 
  • Sanitizing cleaner is available in classrooms.
  • Facial coverings will be required of all students and faculty unless safety and/or performance dictate otherwise. 
  • All employees and visitors entering our buildings must complete the Self-Evaluation Form for COVID-19 symptoms and possible exposure.
  • Common areas and frequently touched surfaces are being cleaned daily. Cleaning supplies will be available, and employees are encouraged to clean and disinfect their personal workspaces throughout the workday.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided throughout offices and buildings. Employees are welcome to bring their own hand sanitizer. A product with at least 60% alcohol content is recommended.

  • All students and employees were asked to sign the Heidelberg Pledge of Healthy and Safety.
  • For health services, the health center will continue to utilize telemedicine visits and provide students with options for telemedicine or telephone consults when appropriate. In particular, students with conditions placing them at higher risk for complications from COVID-19 should be encouraged to seek care via telemedicine.
  • Face to face visits are reserved for cases where telemedicine is inappropriate (e.g. physical exam, non-URI illnesses like dermatological concerns, and others that require specimen collection – urine, blood).
  • All students will complete COVID-19 screening at the initiation of each encounter.
  • All patients are to wear facial coverings at all times while in Stoner Health & Counseling Center.
  • No visitors to accompany patients.
  • No upper respiratory visits in the office; telemedicine where appropriate or referral to off-campus Urgent Care.
  • Counseling will continue to utilize telemental health via Google Meet with BAA, with the exception of those highly acute clients who meet criteria. Face to face visits will be limited to students requiring crisis counseling, counseling for students unable to access telemental health, or other circumstances whereby the mental health professional believes an in-person visit carries significant benefit. All workshops, mindfulness, group therapy and other programs will be virtual.
  • BergCare is no longer a free service for students, but you can still access TalkNow, Medical and Counseling visits for a discounted rate of $50 per visit (usually $79) through the end of February. You can access visits the same way as before: simply log into your account or register with the HEIDELBERG Service Key, and select which service you need.
  • You may reach out to the Stoner Health & Counseling Center on campus at 419-448-2041. Students should call the Stoner Health & Counseling Center before going, if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 novel coronavirus.


Heidelberg, based on recommendations by the CDC, FDA, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, and the Ohio Department of Health, has paused the on-campus vaccination clinics using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. See the email dated April 13, 2021 for more information.

Students, faculty, and staff can refer to the Seneca County Health District website for the most up-to-date information.

Vaccine Providers in Seneca County
Kroger Pharmacy, 126 W. High St, Fostoria, (866) 211-5320
Kroger Pharmacy, 790 Market St, Tiffin, (866) 211-5320
MercyHealth Tiffin Hospital, 45 St Lawrence Drive, Tiffin, (419) 455-8501
Seneca County General Health District, 71 S Washington Street, Tiffin, (419) 447-3691

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