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Heidelberg University strongly supports and encourages prompt reporting of sex discrimination. Reporting provides resources to victims and contributes to keeping the campus safe. All Heidelberg community members (students, staff, and faculty) should help ensure that violations of Title IX are promptly reported. Most Heidelberg employees are mandatory reporters as described in the Importance of Reporting section below. Normally, this means reporting any witnessed violations, or violations learned about through the disclosure of others. Reporting is not the same as filing a formal complaint (although for some purposes a formal complaint may also serve as a report).

If a person believes they or someone they know has been the victim of sex discrimination, it should promptly be reported to the University's Title IX coordinator or a deputy coordinator. Additionally, if a person believes they or someone they know has been the victim of sex discrimination a report may be made to the Heidelberg University Security and Safety Department at (419) 448-2211 or through any member of the Residence Life staff.
A person filing a complaint will be provided with the Heidelberg University Sex Discriminations policy.

Instances of sex discrimination may violate both the University's sex discrimination policy and the law. As a result, the University encourages victims to pursue their complaints through both the University's process for sex discrimination and through the criminal justice system. The Tiffin Police Department, which can be reached at (419) 448-2323, can explain the procedures for pursuing a criminal investigation of sex discrimination. The Tiffin Police Department will investigate every incident reported to police to determine if a crime has been committed.

Finally, The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights is the entity that is charged with enforcing Title IX compliance. Inquiries about these issues may also be referred to the Office for Civil Rights/Cleveland at U.S. Department of Education, 600 Superior Avenue East, Suite 750, Cleveland, OH 44114 or by calling (216) 522-4970.

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