Dual Admission

What is Dual Admission and Enrollment?

Dual Admission and Enrollment students are enrolled in two distinct but academically related colleges or institutions, or participate in two related academic programs. In some instances, they may be high school students taking college-level courses. You may apply to the Dual Admission and Enrollment Program directly out of high school, as a college transfer student, or as an adult student.

Participating Colleges

Heidelberg has articulation agreements with the following colleges, so you are guaranteed that your Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree will give you junior status when you transfer to complete your Bachelor's degree.

  • Marion Technical College 
  • North Central State College 
  • Owens Community College
  • Terra Community College

About the Program

While you are enrolled at one of the participating colleges, you may enroll in one class at Heidelberg each semester for a maximum of four semesters prior to transfer. Heidelberg will charge you the same tuition rate as your community college; you are responsible for any additional lab fees and books.

You will begin the program by completing your Associate of Arts or Science and then transfer to Heidelberg to complete your Bachelor's degree. The Dual Admission and Enrollment Program requires that you meet all admission requirements and be accepted by both the participating college and Heidelberg.

  • For New Students: If you are a high school graduate and have no prior college credit, your admission to the program will be based on a review of your high school transcript and/or GED, and ACT or SAT scores. ACT/SAT scores are not required for adult students, 24 and over
  • For Transfer Students: If you are currently enrolled in college, or have previously been enrolled in college, you may apply to the Dual Admission and Enrollment Program if you have completed less than 60 semester hours. You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • For Adult Students: If you are age 24 and over, you are eligible to take courses through the Dual Admission and Enrollment Program. Adult applicants must submit a high school transcript and/or GED, and transcripts from any colleges previously attended. ACT/SAT scores are not required.


Your completed application will be submitted to Heidelberg and the participating college selected for dual application. Please submit the following items to both your participating college and Heidelberg University:

  • Final high school transcript or GED
  • Official transcripts from any college previously attended (to be official, college transcripts must be sent from the previous college directly to your participating college and to Heidelberg University)
  • ACT or SAT scores 

Dual Admission & Enrollment Application

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