Undergraduate Admission

Every student has a different reason to love Heidelberg.

Some students are drawn to Heidelberg because of our outstanding academic reputation, exceptional career readiness programs, and innovative integrated curriculum. For others, it's our beautiful location, tight-knit community, and strong faculty-student collaboration.

Most often, it's both. Join Heidelberg’s enthusiastic community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni who all embody our dedication to academic excellence and personal growth.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

What do you look for in a Heidelberg applicant?

Our admission process is designed to discover a talented, distinguished, diverse undergraduate population. Although test scores and GPAs are important, we look beyond statistics and grades to identify enthusiastic students who demand immersive and unique learning opportunities.

As you are completing the Online Application for Admission remember to send us your high school transcripts and your ACT or SAT scores. Additionally, while Heidelberg considers ACT/SAT scores and high school GPA in the admission decision, other factors such as letters of recommendation and personal statement essays are taken into account.

Undergraduate Summer Classes

Summer classes provide you with the flexibility and variety you need to stay on track. Summer class rates are $495, and over 20 classes are offered online.

Contact the Office of Admission, admission@heidelberg.edu or 419-448-2330, for more information or to register.


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