International Baccalaureate Credit

All courses within the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program will be evaluated for the potential to earn college credit. Students who have earned the IB Diploma may be granted sophomore standing. Assessments will be based on Standard Level and Higher Level coursework and scores earned at these levels. Each student will be individually assessed when an equivalency does not exist. Reported equivalencies must have a score of 4 or higher, “C” or higher for Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. Equivalent courses at Heidelberg are subject to review.

Subject HL SL Semester Awarded

ART 103, ART 118

None 5.0

BIO 123 and Lab, BIO 124

None 8.0

CHM 103 and Lab, CHM 111

CHM 103 and Lab

4.0 or 8.0
English: Literature

LIT 102, LIT Elective

None 6.0
Extended Essay

Elective (Depends on Subject)

Elective (Depends on Subject) 3.0
French B


FRN 201, FRN 202 6.0
History of Africa and the Middle East

HIS Elective




History of the Americas

HIS 107, HIS 108

None 6.0

History of Asia and Oceania

HIS Elective None 3.0

History of Europe

HIS 106 None 3.0


MTH 120, MTH 121 MTH 120 3.0 or 6.0


None PHY Elective 3.0


PSY 101, PSY Elective PSY 101 3.0 or 6.0


SPA 201, SPA 202, SPA 321 SPA 201, SPA 202 6.0 or 9.0

Theory of Knowledge

Elective (Depends on Subject) Elective (Depends on Subject) 3.0


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