Tips for New Students

On-line Student Records “OASIS”

Enrollment Verification, Transcript Requests, View Final Grades, DegreeWorks (academic auditor), Change of Address are just to name a few. Overrides are needed when a course has a missing prerequisite, co-requisite, full class. The faculty member enters the override on-line. Students register themselves once the override is entered.

How to change/declare a Major/Minor

OASIS offers an on-line submission form to change your undergraduate curriclum. Visit Student Records under the OASIS Student tab. Graduate students complete the Change of Program or Concentration.

Course Add/Drop Deadlines

In college, students have approximately the first week of classes to add a class. Students may drop a class without a permanent record within the first week. Or, take a W (withdraw) on the permanent record but be certain to drop the course by the last day to drop. Drop a class after the last day to drop and receive a WF (withdraw fail) and it will count in the GPA as a 0.0.

Transient Student Permission

Students, on occasion, will take classes away from Heidelberg. When doing so, permission prior to taking the class is advisable. To request permission, use the Transient Student Permission Form.

University Catalog

The University Catalog houses all academic policies and degree requirements. When it is time to graduate, requirements listed within the declared catalog are to be completed. Academic policies may change from year to year so it’s best to review them in the current year’s catalog.

You may need to visit the registrar's office when…

  • Good Student Insurance discount forms are available from your insurance provider.
  • Receive a “form” requiring a college official’s signature.
  • Unable to understand errors when using registration, enrollment verifications, or ordering transcripts, etc. in OASIS.
  • You may need to visit your AIM Hei mentor or faculty advisor when…
  • You are unable to understand something in your on-line degree audit DegreeWorks.
  • You need to register, change your schedule, drop a class and need the registration pin.
  • Discuss options when a course isn’t offered but is needed, or needs repeated.
  • Assistance with understanding prerequisites and co-requisites.
  • Assistance with understanding the catalog or exploring changing catalog years.

Third Party Release

Students have the ability to sign a third party release of academic information when details about the student must be shared with a third party. This release does not provide grade releases or school initiated updates about the student. The third party release is required when a conversation does occur on behalf of the student. Limited information may be shared over the telephone or by email due to the inability to verify the third party's identity.

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