Delta Sigma Chi

Known as a very well-rounded group on campus, Delta Sigma Chi prides itself in being a diverse group of girls who have found family within each other. The Delts can be found through many different majors as well as nearly every organization on campus, but we come together to share our core values. Since 1962, Delta Sigma Chi has united together under the ideas of service, scholarship, and sisterhood, we work to create a better future for ourselves, our sisters and our community.  

We truly enjoy working together to benefit our community through helping with the Findlay Heart Walk and a 24 hr Dance-a-Thon to benefit the American Heart Association and the student we sponsor in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Roberto.  Along with these major events we enjoy making blankets for those in need and doing a wide variety of other community service activities throughout the year. In a scholarly aspect, we always help each other with our class work and participate in study tables all throughout the semester.  

Since 1990, Delta Sigma Chi is also be proud to have a corollary to support us in all that we do. The Delt Guys are just as unique and diverse as the Delts, and we are always there to support each other in all of our events and activities throughout campus.

We believe everyone has a home on campus, and Delta Sigma Chis is where we found ours.

Written by Megan Gwirtz

Nickname: Delts
Founded: 1962
Colors: Navy Blue and White with a touch of Gold
Motto: Dianoias Stephanos Chryseos "the crown of wisdom is golden"
Community Service: 24 hour Dance-A-Thon, Heart Walk

Type: Greek

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