Kappa Psi Omega

Kappa Psi Omega is the fourth women’s society to join Heidelberg University’s Greek life. The Kappas were founded on January 23, 1968 and have over 800 members throughout the world. Throughout the years, they have stood by their motto of “Sincerity Our Truth and Individuality Our Goal.” Their colors of white and burgundy represent purity and courage, and they strive to embody this during their college years and beyond. They are courageous when standing up for what they believe in and pure with their strong values and traditions. With their individuality comes diversity, strength, unity, passion, acceptance and respect. With sincerity comes integrity, dedication, love and self-growth. Kappa also has a corollary called the Kappa Lil’ Bros, which allows males to join our society. Our Bros, like the women of Kappa, are very involved on and off campus. The Kappas’ philanthropy has changed to reflect the interests of active members at the time. Kappa did a quarter-auction fundraiser and raised over $1,500, with which they donated food, gas and clothing gift cards along with toys to the Toledo Children’s Hospital. For a few years now, Kappa has hand-crafted blankets and donated them to Project Linu, which extends comfort to children who are ill or who have been impacted by a natural disaster. Every semester, they look forward to working with current and new philanthropy events that provide  opportunities for our members to demonstrate leadership roles through cooperative work. Through philanthropy events, the members show passion, dedication and love for Kappa Psi Omega. Their society believes that the impact they make on this campus and with each other is not only for four years, but for life.

Written by Christine Galloway

Nickname: Kappas
Founded: 1968
Colors: Burgundy and White
Motto: Sincerity Our Truth, Individuality Our Goal
Community Service: Elmwood Nursing Home, Supporting Women's Empowerment

Type: Greek

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